A Community of In-House Legal Professionals Created Just for You

What is In The House?

An exclusive community for in-house legal professionals, founded by visionary Chris Colvin in 2011. Chris founded In The House after many years as a practicing attorney because he observed first-hand that in-house counsel tended to be isolated from their in-house peers in other companies; he believed they would benefit from a forum that made it easier for in-house counsel to connect, network and share best practices. Today, with over 23,000 individual members reaching over 85% of Fortune 500 legal departments, In the House is the fastest growing private network for in-house counsel. In the House provides its members with career development tools, law department best practices, and the opportunity to develop strategic relationships with other in-house counsel.

The role of in-house counsel is evolving and management of the legal services supply chain is changing with it. According to our most recent survey, the roles and responsibilities of in-house counsel have evolved significantly in the last five years. In The House provides a fresh forum for the acquisition of critical new skills and the exchange of best practices with preeminent thought leaders on these issues.

Through our programs and content, we bring you the latest developments in specific areas of law, best practices in legal spend budgeting and project management, and opportunities for professional development and advancement.

Do you see a need we’re not fulfilling? Please tell us. This community is for and about you.