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In The House is About Community First

Career Center

In the House is committed to helping all of our members forge long and successful careers as in-house counsel. As changes sweep through the legal industry and the larger economy, focusing on networking and career development has never been more important for in-house professionals like us.

We believe that professional networking is an essential part of a successful in-house legal career, which is why we encourage In The House members to actively engage with each other, when considering new career opportunities, but just as importantly when you are firmly settled into a job that you love.

We encourage everyone in this community to be open-minded about helping those of our peers who are in transition or who might be considering a career move. After all, we can all use a helping hand from time to time. So, for example, when you hear about a job opening in your legal department, think about fellow members of In The House who might be a good fit. And if you see a job posting that might be a good fit for you, consider reaching out to a fellow member of In The House who works at that company, to learn more about the work environment and the potential opportunity.

Is there a career development need that we are not fulfilling? If so, please tell us. Just as you are always seeking to take your career to the next level, at In The House we are constantly seeking better ways to serve the career development needs of our members.