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In The House Sponsors

In The House reaches a diverse audience of in-house counsel at all levels and age groups from countries all around the world through a wide variety of programs including educational webinars, networking events, thought leadership, a private online community, rich industry and practice focused content delivery and career advancement advice and counsel. Each of these aspects of our community, as well as other bespoke initiatives provide a compelling sponsorship platform.

In The House is designed to serve as a powerful catalyst for the advancement of our members and for the enhancement of their in-house experience. We not only have over 23,000 full-time in-house counsel members including 5000 current GCs but also the next generation of law department leaders. However, In The House is only possible with the support of like-minded organizations and institutions with a commitment to our mission: to empower our members to advance their careers and succeed.

Our membership is discerning as are we when we choose sponsorship partners. We are seeking organizations that are willing to partner with us and provide value to our membership, beyond financial support. A true partnership between your organization and In The House not only enriches our mission, but also provides a variety of benefits, including unique opportunities for member engagement and highly visible marketing and branding.

We encourage you to take advantage of this unique opportunity to participate as a sponsor and connect with our fast growing community. We will work with you to develop a sponsorship program that benefits your organization as well provides value to our membership.

Please contact Kevin Vermeulen at for more information about sponsorship opportunities.